Easy Connect

Point your miners to: p2p.blisterpool.com:9332 -u (bitcoin address) -p x

cgminer with stratum: ./cgminer p2p.blisterpool.com:9332 -u (bitcoin address) -p x

BlisterPool, the Bitcoin-Devcoin Pool

BlisterPool is a 120% Bitcoin Merged Mining Pool, that rewards miners with devcoin, the ethical cryptocurrency. Go to the best and play with us shogun pokies download. A big bonus for everyone who came!

By using this pool you not only maximize reward for your hashing power against bitcoin mining alone or in practically all pools, but you also help support the great work being done by open source developers and writers across the globe. Most win-win casino best online casino! Manage to collect your winnings!

Disclaimer: Blisterpool reserves the right to adjust the bonus payout to avoid unfit reserves for the estimated payout pool. Current bonus: 20%.


Be careful to use addresses you control in your own wallets – do not use exchange or web wallet addresses, unless they are permanently assigned to you. If you make an error coins cannot be paid to you, and you will need to enter new addresses for both cryptocurrencies. The addresses are paired permanently.

Note: you only need to register your bitcoin address if you intend on receiving devcoin payments on your devcoin address. The pool will automatically pay out bitcoins on whatever address you use as your username when you connect, but the pool can only pay you your bonus devcoins if you have registered a btc/dvc pair.

How does it work?

Simply register the bitcoin and devcoin address pair you’d like to be paid into, then connect to the pool using any of the common miners, with your bitcoin address as the username.

As you mine bitcoins with the pool, alt-coins are merge-mined. These are converted to devcoins and paid out to miners as a part of the payout bonus, and the rest comes from devcoin investors who want to see the currency succeed. Blisterpool also serves as a test platform for the new devcoin client under development, which requires lots of hashpower to test.

A further 0.2% of throughput (seperate from the miner payout) is paid to members of the Bitcoin Share List and Devcoin Share List.

Members of the share lists commit to working on open source projects for at least 10 hours a week, including projects like the bitcoin source itself.

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Current Difficulty 40,640,955,016.58
Expected for 1TH/s/day 0.0124 btc

Local Bonus Payout Stats: Coming Soon. 

Pool Stats: Here