Miners are the bread and butter of all pools, and so of course BlisterPool tries to make it as simple and as profitable as it can.

Miners who register a bitcoin and devcoin address pair with BlisterPool, and mine with the bitcoin address as their username when connecting, can expect to receive:

  • 98% of any bitcoins paid out via P2Pool, according to the PPLNS payout scheme. There is no hash cost to merge mining, as it happens transparently. You should earn the same on this system (if not more) than any other pool system.
  • 7.14% as a bonus devcoin payout which produce the equivalent of a 105% payout at market rates. This is an investment by the devcoin project to test its new client software, and they’re willing to pay you a 5% premium to mine on Blisterpool to achieve it. What you do with the devcoins after that is up to you – sell them at market to cover electricity, or hold on to them to support open source development (and potentially profit even more in the future). Devcoins are one of the oldest alt-coins in existence, and are a long term coin aimed at creating value in the cryptocurrency world.
  • 100% of the great feeling that they are supporting open source development, all while being paid to secure both the bitcoin and the devcoin networks!

If you do not wish to install a devcoin wallet at the time of registration, since devcoin uses the same public/private key system as bitcoin, you can actually just enter your bitcoin address for both fields during registration, then import your bitcoin keys into a devcoin wallet later. All the devcoins will be there waiting for you. Neat, assuming you don’t forget about them!